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Volkswagen Diesel Recall Lawsuits Help

Volkswagen News

Volkswagen set to face largest class action in British history over Dieselgate emissions cheating

A London court has announced that it will permit a class action lawsuit filed against Volkswagen to move forward. The lawsuit – filed over allegations of emissions cheating from Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate” scandal – will be the largest class action lawsuit in British legal history. (more…)

HO&P files emissions cheating lawsuits on behalf of VW, Audi, GM, and Chrysler vehicle owners

The law firm of Heygood, Orr & Pearson is representing Audi, Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors vehicle owners over allegations of emissions cheating involving vehicles sold by these automakers. Heygood, Orr & Pearson is also representing consumers who opted out of the $14.7 billion nationwide settlement with Volkswagen over the Dieselgate emissions scandal. (more…)

Volkswagen engineer gets 40-month prison sentence for role in Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal

A former Volkswagen engineer has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for his role in the Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal. A federal judge in Michigan sentenced VW engineer James Liang to serve more than three years in prison and pay a $200,000 fine for helping the German automaker hide the excess emissions on VW and Audi diesel models from regulators and consumers. (more…)

GM faces lawsuits over emissions cheating on Chevy, GMC diesel trucks

General Motors is facing a class action lawsuit over allegations of emissions cheating on Chevrolet and GMC diesel trucks. The alleged emissions cheating was uncovered as a result of an investigation launched in the wake of the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal into possible emissions cheating involving other automakers. (more…)

Volkswagen pleads guilty to criminal charges over Dieselgate emissions cheating

Volkswagen has pled guilty to three criminal charges stemming from the company’s diesel emissions cheating on hundreds of thousands of VW and Audi models sold in the U.S. The company agreed to pay $4.3 billion in in criminal and civil penalties as part of an agreement with the Justice Department. (more…)

VW executive charged with conspiracy in connection with Dieselgate emissions cheating

Oliver Schmidt, the former chief emissions compliance manager for Volkswagen in the U.S., was arrested this week by the FBI on charges of conspiracy to defraud the federal government. Schmidt is accused of playing a key role in the conspiracy to hide Volkswagen’s diesel emissions cheating from U.S. regulators as part of the Dieselgate scandal. (more…)

Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Audi over Alleged Emissions Cheating

Audi is facing at least two class action lawsuits alleging that the company installed emissions cheating software on several gasoline-powered models. These new accusations of emissions cheating come just months after Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen, agreed to pay $15 billion to settle allegations that it installed a software defeat device on hundreds of thousands of VW, Audi, and Porsche diesel models. (more…)

Volkswagen sales fall for 10th straight month in the wake of Dieselgate scandal

U.S. sales of Volkswagen brand automobiles fell more than nine-percent last month. The August sales decline was the 10th consecutive month that sales of VW vehicles have declined since word of the Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal was made public. (more…)

Volkswagen agrees to $15 billion Dieselgate litigation settlement over emissions cheating claims

Volkswagen has agreed to pay as much as $15.3 billion to settle allegations of emissions cheating over the company’s diesel-powered vehicles. The VW settlement in the Dieselgate emissions scandal is the largest in automotive history, and one of the biggest product liability settlements ever in the U.S. (more…)

Volkswagen Dieselgate recall plan rejected again by South Korean environmental ministry

The environmental ministry of South Korea has rejected a proposed recall plan from Volkswagen to address the company’s emissions cheating in that country on certain VW and Audi diesel-powered models. The decision is the second time that South Korea’s Ministry of Environment has rejected a plan proposed by Audi Volkswagen Korea, the Korean division of Volkswagen AG, to address emissions problems uncovered during the Dieselgate scandal. (more…)