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Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Audi over Alleged Emissions Cheating

Audi is facing at least two class action lawsuits alleging that the company installed emissions cheating software on several gasoline-powered models. These new accusations of emissions cheating come just months after Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen, agreed to pay $15 billion to settle allegations that it installed a software defeat device on hundreds of thousands of VW, Audi, and Porsche diesel models.

According to the two class action lawsuits recently filed against Audi, the company installed a software defeat device on its 3.0 liter gasoline models with an automatic transmission. This defeat device was programmed to cause the vehicles to emit lower levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) when they undergo emissions testing. When the vehicles are driven under normal conditions, their engines emit significantly higher levels of CO2 than when the defeat device is engaged.

The class action lawsuits against Audi allege that the emissions cheating defeat device was installed on the Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi Q5 and Audi Q7. Audi began to install the defeat devices in these models as early as 2013, the lawsuits allege. The automaker continued to install emissions cheating software in these vehicles as late as May 2016, eight months after news of the Volkswagen Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal went public.

Audi’s alleged emission cheating was uncovered during an investigation conducted by researchers at the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Reports by German newspapers say that the defeat device that was discovered on Audi’s 3.0 liter gasoline models with automatic transmissions was also found on both diesel and gasoline powered vehicles in Europe.

In addition to the class action lawsuits already filed against Audi, legal experts say that the company may also be facing lawsuits in the U.S. from individuals who purchased or leased one of the gasoline models that was equipped with the emissions cheating software. Experts say that Audi may also be facing lawsuits filed by shareholders, environmental lawsuits filed by state and federal authorities, and criminal investigations in the U.S. and Europe.

Audi Faces Increased Scrutiny in the Wake of the VW Dieselgate Scandal

Drivers who purchased or leased an Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi Q5, or Audi Q7 with a 3.0 liter gasoline engine and automatic transmission may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Audi over the company’s alleged emissions cheating. The first step in taking legal action is to speak with an attorney who can advise you regarding your legal rights and options, and guide you through the process of filing a case.

The lawyers at Heygood, Orr & Pearson have filed numerous claims on behalf of VW and Audi diesel vehicle owners involved in the Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal. The firm’s partner, Michael Heygood, was named to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) that is helping oversee the Multidistrict Litigation (or MDL) in California involving Volkswagen and achieve fair results for our clients who were harmed by Volkswagen’s fraudulent conduct.

Heygood, Orr & Pearson has also filed numerous lawsuits on behalf of drivers and passengers who were injured as a result of accidents involving defectively manufactured automobiles. Our law firm has also filed lawsuits involving personal injury, product liability, and commercial litigation. Heygood, Orr & Pearson has filed cases against some of the world’s biggest corporations on behalf our clients. Our attorneys believe that all individuals should have access to experienced, professional legal counsel to ensure their legal rights are protected in a court of law.

For more information about the lawsuits against Audi and to find our whether you may qualify to file a case, contact the lawyers at Heygood, Orr & Pearson by calling toll-free at 1-877-446-9001. You can also reach us by filling out the free case evaluation form located at the top of this page.

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